His Banner Over Me

Looking for Grace in the Mess and Beauty in the Chaos

Artwork by Rachael Stanley

You're a Good Mom

You’re a good mom, and it’s time you started to believe it. I see you shaking your head. I did it too when someone recently told me I’m a good mom. You’re thinking of that time, you know the one, when you really screwed up.

LGR: Mushroom Drama

So I learned a lot from this experience: 1) The word mycologist. 2) To steer WAY clear of any type of fungus if Graham is with me.  3) Although only about 2% of mushrooms are poisonous, some of them can kill you and there is no antidote.  4) Most edible mushrooms also have a poisonous look-alike.  5) Mushrooms are evil.

Art Focus: Names of Jesus

This is by far the most popular of my paintings. I painted and gave away several of this one before making copies to sell of this version. I call it “Names of Jesus” because the four quadrants represent four things the Bible says about Jesus.

His Banner Over Me