I am Rachael Stanley

Jesus follower, wife, mom, homeschooler, painter, writer, housewife, cook, friend, reader, introvert….the list of what I am is long. Who I am is still being discovered as I bump up against life and the people God puts in mine. I believe there is beauty and goodness in me that comes from the ways God is shaping me. But there is also a lot of mess and sin clinging to me still. Thank God for His marvelous, glorious, so undeserved grace!

When I started this blog journey, I was nervous: what would happen as I explored the idea of grace through confession?  What I discovered is that as I extend the grace of transparency to you, I also find God’s grace for that situation. So many times I have written a blog post to share a failure and as I was reflecting and writing, I have received God’s words of grace for that failure.

Oh, and by the way, isn’t this a great pic of me and hubby? He took it and somehow made us come out looking like models!

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