I remember vividly the moment I realized that God’s faithfulness was rock solid. It wasn’t a particularly interesting moment. I was standing in my room looking at my door. No idea what else was going on, probably just normal life. But I do remember the image that came to mind. It was this chair. I remember thinking that trusting God was like sitting in a well-worn, wing-backed leather chair. A chair that was well-worn by those who came before. A chair with a history of providing support and comfort to those who sat in it. A chair that could handle all of my weight and all my junk, too. A chair I could really sink into and relax.

So when our pastor preached a sermon on “the substance of things hoped for,” I knew this was the picture I needed to paint. This is the picture of the substance of faith in God. His faithfulness, His promises, His Word. Completely reliable and trustworthy.

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