This month is “Inktober,” which means a bunch of artists are doing an ink drawing a day, using prompts from the official webpage. I wish I had heard about it a month ago so I could have mentally prepared for it. I did do one picture, using the prompt “sad.”


And because you have the song stuck in your head, here it is.

In doing the above picture, I used supplies sent me by Sketchbox, a monthly art supply subscription service. I spent my birthday money to get 3 months, and this was my first month. It was fun to look forward to it, but I have to admit I was a little disappointed in what they sent me. I have always wanted to try Copic markers, and they sent me some, as well as some knock-offs to see the difference. But they only sent me flesh tones, for doing portraits, which is not really my thing–but I’m trying to roll with it. The whole reason I did Sketchbox was to try new stuff. So I did Winnie the Pooh–my version, obviously. He’s not nearly fat enough.

There are other artist subscription services out there, so maybe I’ll try one of them next. I do love the idea of getting new surprise art supplies every month!

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