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This is a picture I did just for fun. Sometimes you just need to do something because you want to . It doesn’t have to have any deep meaning. It can be anything you enjoy doing. I believe that is a form of worship. There’s a quote I always think of when I think about this topic from the movie “Chariots of Fire.” Eric Liddell was a Scottish runner who ran in the Olympics and later went on to become a missionary in China. When his sister asks him why he is going to the Olympics when God has called him to the mission field, he answers:

chariots-of-fire“I believe God made me for a purpose, but he also made me fast. And when I run I feel His pleasure.”

Is there something you do, that when you do it you feel God’s pleasure? I tell you that it glorifies God when you do it. 

I like to tell a story of a dog we saw at the park once. It was a beautiful, sleek dog, and it was running…and running…and running. That dog was made to run! He ran almost nonstop for the hour or so we watched him and threw balls for him. He obviously loved to be out there running, and I know God felt pleasure watching him do what He made him to do. I know I enjoyed watching him and playing with him, seeing him do what God created him to do.

It’s the same when I see a person doing what they were obviously made to do. Whether it’s teaching or dancing or singing or playing the violin or taking care of children or painting or running a business…the list is endless. Whatever you enjoy, whatever you are good at, do it to God’s glory, knowing that He gave you that talent or that desire, and that He takes pleasure in watching you do it. 

Don’t miss out on feeling God’s pleasure because you think some things are more “spiritual” than others. Eric Liddell loved to run, and went to the Olympics because he understood that running can bring God glory as much as going to the mission field (which he also did). Doing the thing that you enjoy doesn’t take away from God’s glory. It enhances it.

And don’t disqualify an activity just because you’re not good at it. Eric Liddell was a fast runner, yes (but it still took work to qualify for the Olympics). But have you ever seen someone doing something (take singing kids, for example) that they obviously love wholeheartedly but are not very good at? What was your reaction? Did you criticize them for not being better, or did you smile at their enjoyment? I believe God smiles when we do what we enjoy, when we do it un-self-consciously and out of sheer joy, whether we are good at it or not. It brings Him glory when His creation creates, when we express joy, when we love what we do.

You have no idea how God can use you if you do what He made you to do. You can’t look at the gift He gave you and say, “It’s not good enough. It’s not big enough. It’s not spiritual enough.” If God gave it to you, He wants you to use it. He wants you to enjoy it. He wants to use you to touch someone’s life in ways you can’t imagine. When I worked at Butterfly World down in Ft. Lauderdale, a woman came through the line and handed me a scrap of paper with a smiley face stamped on it and a verse or something handwritten on it. I think she told me “God bless you,” or something along those lines. Sounds small, right? Piddly. But right at that moment, I needed encouragement. I needed to know God saw me. He used that scrap of paper to do it–and I still remember it 12 years later.

Don’t hide your gift because you think it’s not spiritual enough. Don’t hold back because you think it won’t make a difference. If it gives God pleasure to see you doing it, you are doing the most spiritual, most beautiful thing with it. And you are glorifying God before men.

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