We went to Festival in the Park last Saturday. It’s one of my birthday traditions here lately. It was HOT, and I still wasn’t feeling great, so I didn’t enjoy it as much as usual. But a definite high point was when Lily and I stopped at the Children’s Art area where they had set up some paper on easels so that kids could come and draw. As Lily was finishing up, another girl–she was probably about 12–returned her crayons and was rolling up her piece. I noticed it was a cross and said Jesus Loves You, so I told her I liked it. Without hesitating, she asked, “Do you want it?” I was a little surprised, because as a fellow artist, I knew she was offering me a little piece of herself. I was touched by her generosity, so I said, “Sure! Thanks!”  I took the rolled up picture and brought it home with me, taking care it didn’t get messed up.

When I first started drawing again, and then painting, I had just read Randy Alcorn’s Treasure Principle. I was excited at the idea of making art to share, to give away. And I gave a lot of it away for a few years. I still do, sometimes, but that drive has faded a little. My friend Brianna reminded me that my gift is from the Lord and that I should hold it loosely, and give it freely.

In honor of Jesus (and my little friend Brianna) I want to give some art away during the month of October. Keep reading the blog and watching my Facebook page and Instagram for ways to receive it. I’m going to try to get creative.

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