I have mentioned before how I love the image of the burning bush. This is a journal entry I made after meditating on the story in Exodus 3. I was reminded of this entry as I was trying to decide whether to start this blog.

I was going back and forth with God–all the reasons why I couldn’t, or wouldn’t, do it. Like Moses, coming up with valid-sounding excuses. And God answered them, gently, patiently, like He did with Moses. Until He didn’t. After one too many “But, Lord,”s , I felt a blazing flash of “Do it because I said so!”

And so, here we are. Not because I feel qualified, but because the Lord told me to do it.

Are there things in your life that you feel completely unqualified for but know God has called you to do? How do you do it? What does it look like for you to depend on God to provide what you know you lack? I really want to know. Please reply in the comments below.

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