If you feel frantic, beat-up, depressed, hopeless, overwhelmed or just plain tired, I get it! I feel all those feelings within the span of a single day sometimes. We have the chaos and the mess and the hair-pulling frustration over here, too!

I homeschool a preteen girl and a 9 year-old boy, I have a bonus child who is almost 2–and we do it all in a 2-bedroom, 1.5 bath home with a cat and WAY too much stuff. Oh, and did I mention that my daughter and I are both sensitive introverts who need plenty of Alone Time? And both sons are extroverts who need plenty of People Time? My husband Robby is a fairly well-balanced person, thankfully, and often uses humor to help things… Usually… As long as there’s no PMS involved. It all combines to drive me insane into God’s arms, looking for the grace and beauty.

I know there is grace to be found in the chaos of life. I know God has hung His banner over me, and it is LOVE. Love that surpasses all knowledge and is life-giving and hope-breathing. But I have a hard time seeing it when the baby is sick and the kids haven’t done language arts in a week and it’s raining and the house feels like it’s about to swallow us all up. I created this blog for myself: the self that feels inadequate and overwhelmed and DONE. I need to remind myself that God finds the beauty in all this chaos, that He sees me as His beloved, not as “that screw up who can’t keep the sink clean.” I hope that as I share my mess and my beauty, God will open your eyes to see your beauty in the midst of your chaos, as well.