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There are so many elements to this video.

First of all, I’m so excited that this week I managed to get the downstairs cleaned up, and rearrange some furniture to block off the most problematic area from the baby. (BTW, this is clean for us. This is our homeschool room/dining room/pass-through from the kitchen. This is as good as it gets, people!) It took a lot of energy I would have preferred to invest elsewhere, but my sanity needed it.

I was even able to mop! And when I say I, I really mean Ian and I. You can see Ian preparing to mop in the clip. He was really worried about the baby ruining his clean floor.

The toddler, I mean. He’s walking around more and more, drunken-sailor style. So cute! So exhausting! And of course, he ignores me completely, probably because he’s so intent on walking that he can’t hear me. Not at all because he’s one and just doesn’t want to.

But, in the spirit of Let’s Get Real, and lest you think my life is perfect, I went dress shopping the other day. A couple at church are getting married Saturday and I don’t have any dresses. I thought, “I’ll just pop out and buy myself a cute dress. I’m sure all of my past experience of trying on clothes since having 3 kids is just a figment of my imagination. It won’t be that bad. I’m sure I can find something that will look good.”

I’ll just let that sink in a moment.


So, three stores later, I hadn’t tried on anything even remotely deserving of a fitting room picture to text to Robby for a thumbs up or down. Finally, a possible winner!


Looks good, right? A little frumpy maybe, but I promise it was 1000% better than anything else I had tried on up to that point. Then, I took the dreaded side picture. Texted it to Robby.

Robby: “I really like the color. The cut is very interesting (in a good way). I like it from the front. I’m not so sure about the side.” So diplomatic. So true.

Me: “This is why I don’t wear dresses.”

So if you see me at the wedding and I’m wearing pants, you’ll know why.


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