Never heard of it? Me either until Graham got a 102.5 fever one night and a rash on his bum that wasn’t diaper rash. I spent the next few days keeping him comfortable and hydrated, which meant lots of Curious George and popsicles. Apparently the “mouth” part of the virus is blisters inside the mouth, which makes eating tricky. He also had them on his legs, elbows, face and fingers. He was pretty miserable for several days but thankfully, it didn’t last long. He still looks terrible but he’s back to normal. I thank the Lord no one else in the family got it, because it gets more uncomfortable the older you are. So if you were wondering why you haven’t heard from me, that’s why.

This week should be kind of crazy, what with a quick trip to Raleigh, Thanksgiving, our 14th anniversary, the Anne of Green Gables premier on PBS (cheerleader clap of excitement!!), Black Friday (I’m just throwing that in there to make my week sound even crazier. I’m not actually shopping that day, unless it’s online away from the crowds!), and hopefully going to pray at the abortion clinic on Saturday. I had plans to get ahead on blog posts, but we’ll see if it happens…

I just wanted to let you know I didn’t forget you and I will be back very soon! I have a lot to say, just not a lot of writing time lately.

Here’s a great song for this time of year.

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