This is the little sink area outside our shared bathroom upstairs. The kids have one just like it on the other side of the bathroom. Let me give you the tour, beginning on the floor. Please notice the hair dryer, which I do not use. This was left by my daughter after attempting to dry her hair. The plaid shorts are my son’s. I’m unsure how their things ended up in our room. The cat water bowl is an artifact. We now give her water from a fancy filtered dispenser downstairs. This one is now full of dust, although she sometimes attempts to drink from it anyway.

On the counter, there’s the usual stuff: pomade for Robby’s hair, toothbrushes, hand soap, lotion. And then there’s the mirror (for Robby to cut his hair), Windex, the bathroom spray, the remnants of a kid’s booboo, toilet paper (for wiping Graham’s nose, no doubt), the QT cup (don’t you just love that place?!) and some shampoo. Oh, and a diaper (clean!). I’m not 100% sure what some of the other stuff is. Perfume, maybe? Some Mary Kay stuff in my basket on the left. Robby’s medicine and who knows what else in his basket on the right.

You can’t see the gunk that has built up on the sink. Be glad. It’s gross. We grow some kind of pink fungus here in NC that just looks wrong.

In the interest of full disclosure, it has been cleaned since I took this picture, but I have to admit it was over a year between cleanings.

…What? Is that bad?


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