I have written this post twice already. Once, I navigated away from the page without saving it and once the computer died without me saving it. I think I’m going to go in a different direction now, one that involves saving my post. (And…saved.)

I was going to update you on my life and all the cool stuff going on but I’ve learned my lesson. Besides, none of it was that cool. The most interesting part was that I watched the first season of The Crown and LOVED it, but forgot to check how many seasons were on Netflix before I blazed through the episodes. So really, you didn’t miss much.

So, hows about I show you my 10 owls and give you the next assignment? Here’s a link to the Pinterest board in case you wanted to look through it again an compare mine to the originals. (And…saved.)

Now, our next assignment is…(And…saved.)


Here’s the Pinterest board.

Here and here are the frames.

Don’t forget to post on instagram or facebook and tag your art with #art10ways! (And…saved. Whew!)


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